Businesses resuming operations via delivery should meet the following criteria and protocols at a minimum.

a. Utilize gloves and other protocols in handling and delivery of goods.


b. Upon arrival, call/ email /text customers to announce delivery of goods.


c. Ensure no person to person contact utilizing practices such as:

i. Leave the delivery outside the door with the driver waiting an effective distance away from the door.
ii. Wait an effective distance away from the door to make a visual confirmation that the parcel has been received.
iii. The delivery personnel could take an image of the customer collecting
package, as an additional precaution and to confirm receipt.


Businesses resuming operations via curbside pick-up should meet the following criteria.

d. Customer places order remotely, either via store online platform, social media page, app or via telephone

e. Invoice is sent and paid for remotely via credit card, digital platform, or payment made in cash during pick up via placing payment method in a secure bin which is sanitized after every use (store may want to incentive customers to pay via non-cash methods)

f. Customer schedules pick-up (that day) or for next day pick-up

g. Orders will be filled in store by essential number of staff, while practicing Covid safety and physical distancing protocols

h. Staff will wear PPE while filling orders

i. Customer will call store when they are outside and store. Clerk will customer’s trunk, if possible, while continuing to practice physical distancing at all times. Drivers are encouraged to remain in vehicles as applicable.