Membership & Affiliation

We are the authorized distributors for the Gemar line of Balloons. Gemar has been making and distributing latex balloons in Europe for over 100 years. We carry a large selection of their colors and sizes at very competitive prices.

The Qualatex brand of balloons were the first brand of balloons used by The Balloon People.  Very early in the game, we studied for and became a part of the Qualatex Balloon Network and this membership comes with privileges for those in the industry. We also offer a line of balloons from the Qualatex brand.

The Balloon People is a member of the Pro Environmental Balloon Alliance (PEBA), a global group that promotes environmental responsibility in the balloon industry.  We want to do what we can to educate our customers and the public on the responsible use and disposal of balloons. We do not sell helium balloons which we know our clients intend to release into the environment but rather we prefer to speak with our clients to find alternate ways to mark an occasion.